Toshiba satellite pro C660-2D9 how flash it for change the logo?

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    Mar 11, 2014
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    Hi, i've bought a laptop on ebay and boot logo is not from toshiba.
    I have already flashed bios by toshiba utility v1.40 -> v1.50 (last version from toshiba) but no effect on logo.
    Can anyone help me to change this boot logo? Thanks. :worthy:

    Toshiba c660-2d9.
    Motherboard model PWWHA LA-7202P rev 1.0
    Bioschip name windbond 25X/Q series (25Q32 and 25x10)
    Firmware id NAR00140 NAR00150
    Bios ami aptio version 1.40 1.50
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    Mar 11, 2014
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    Can afudos with full rom flash replace the logo? what is the command to use with afudos when we want to flash with the same rom? Afudos won't flash with the same rom version.


    Edit contoured by change bios option (fast boot = no logo).

    For persons who have a bios password and just have jpw and jcoms jumpers under memory slots on toshiba pro models, this is how to proceed:

    1- Remove lower memory to access jpw jumper when power on. If no memory: no boot, so you need have a memory in upper memory slot.
    2- keep jpw jumper shorted (only jpw )
    3- power on laptop during jpw shorted, the laptop boot slower than naturally and power off itself.
    4- remove your short circuit from jpw, no more bios password