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  1. dadi26

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    Jan 5, 2010
    hi there..i got problem with a toshiba a135 s2276..does anyone knows how to get the toshiba what i did..i downloaded wrong bios for my toshiba and i installed that bios and flashed with that after like 5 minutes my mouse got frozen so i did hard shut down on the when i was poweing on the toshiba laptop..all i see the screen is blank..nothing on screen..but the other parts inside laptop is working such as HARD DRIVE i can hear it spinning..cpu fan is working and lights are..but what is not working is a screen..does any one know how to fix that problems..any good solutions..or a files that can be working on my toshiba to get a screen working..thanks
  2. uchetil

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    Feb 3, 2010
    Try this:
    Using another machine, download the correct bios from Toshiba, (READ the instructions!) follow the instructions to create a boot cd though you could do it with a usb stick as well, but why not keep it simple? Install it. If that fails, and it might using their tools, depending on what you actually put in your machine (it will refuse if it thinks you are trying to install the same or an older BIOs) you'll have to install it using Phlash instead, which may be problematic if you get no display at all; I suspect you could create a batch file using phlash to install it from a bootable floppy or cd or usb drive but the actual doing of that is something I'd have to research myself, still, I am sure someone else here could steer you right, could you but find that person! Good luck!