Try what happens when you write this strange figure in the Google search engine

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    Sep 11, 2015
    You may notice number 241543903 after typing in the search engine for images in Google that several pictures of people who are putting their head in the refrigerator will appear, what is the story behind it?

    Here's the story of this strange figure, the story begins in 2009 when the famous photographer named David Horvitz on his official account in one of the social networks discernible idea to publish a picture of the head inside the refrigerator and called the number 241 543 903. And posted on the Internet, where they were this idea a big fuss made many people take the initiative to take pictures of their heads in the refrigerator and they call this number.

    David Horvitz says that the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis image came to him when he was joking with his friend, the patient's fever that puts his head in the refrigerator. As for the password in the serial number 241543903 He also says that the figure is a serial number of the Thelajth + serial number of the bar code on the frozen beans bag was alone in the refrigerator.

    This is the story of this strange figure who raised a fuss about it in the past years, they are crazy ideas may be in the post-global event that makes people talking about.