Turbo Mem and AF HDD.

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    Oct 19, 2014
    Mr. Kouryu, I am very gratefulfor your original posting in this subject.
    There is a new driver for AF and I added to your posting several months ago. I realize being so old that surely wasnever seen. So I am reposting this hopping I could get your attention and invaluable expertise.

    Since 2012, Int. have rename the Matrix drivers as RTD (Rapid Technology Drivers) and there are new ones, yet not all are applicable to the ICH8M-E/M controller. The new name is the reason why some peoples have not been able to find them. For a ICH8M-E/Mcontroller the v: (newer than the HP one you use) seems to be the last one and is the one I was using successfully with a 1.5 TB AFT HDD.
    I followed your instructions about how to modify the last Lenovo turbodriver with the HP driver (v:8.9)
    I installed a 4GB turbo memory controllercard (ITMCC) successfully into a Lenovo T61p laptop with a T9500 processor and8 GB of RAM,w/ Windows 7 Ultimate 64b.
    Prior to installation of the ITMCC, I was using Intel ICH8M-E/M SATA AHCI controller v:9.6 successfully.
    During installation of the ITMCC software, I was warned that I was installing older drivers.They were v:, which is the one on the modified Turbomem program as expected.
    The OS Boot became slower than before and even got one message from windows that the driver was delaying the boot.
    Yet the ITMCC seems to be working well and, on any initial program activation, the LED of the ITMCC get quite active. After this, any subsequent same program execution appears to be remarkably 25 to 10% of the first execution time. I love that!
    The TM Console only allows the use the Ready Drive, the Ready Boost is grayed out.
    There is a general hesitation on executing anything, even URLs, for which I have to allow 1-2second after selecting before I execute. It was never like that before.
    I reinstalled the previous RST driver v:9.6 for AF, This solved the boot speed and the hesitation, yet the Ready Drive was deselected. and the ITMCC not working. If them is reselected, it will ask for a reboot leading to an eventual blue screen crash, due to hardware problem. Rolling back the RST driver the v: will solve this problem.
    I realize that this old technology probably has no enthusiast among many peoples but I was hoping you might have a suggestion other that taking the ITMCC out.