[TUTORIAL] AMI Aptio UEFI Advanced Menu Unlock - Bonus MSR unlock!

Discussion in 'BIOS Mods' started by JRandomHacker, May 7, 2014.

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    Great JOb, Thank you. :):D

    Even today 2021/12/12 this tutorial is crystal clear.
    One must be careful with the version of the BIOS build and the program version, they have to match, New Bios Editors wont work with old Legacy BIOS or old with UEFI.
    You wont be able to open the BIOS dump or the Bios Update, that works for the same purpose of unlocking hidden BIOS MENU.

    I was able to unlock my ASUS ROG G73sw CHIPSET TAB, now I can enable HotPLug for MINI-PCIE and use high end eGPU through BIOS Menu. (I obviously enabled before with AMIBCP 4.53 tool, but not through the BIOS MENU, I always had to flash my BIOS CHIP to make changes, the CHIPSET MENU wouldn't show up even changing the privilege to "USER")
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    Thanks for the guide