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    I know the title is misleading since I have a few questions regarding this topic. I remember back on nLite that it was possible to set all current folders and future made folders to always have the details view as default. I haven't found any regtweaks for this on Vista up which brings up my next question. Is this feature still possible somehow or was it scrapped on Vista onwards?

    Since Vista onwards I've always had to do this manually for the 90% of the folders I use and it becomes quite tedious. But hey, doing it for almost 10 years makes you got auto pilot. But if you're like me and like to play with packages, breaking things is something that occurs quite often. With MSMG Toolkit I had a joy playing with W10 but some things do break and reinstallation is the "only" way to go. I prefer not copying anything from registry, since I can setup my stuff in 30min or so.

    TLDR: I like to reinstall often due to reasons going clean every time, and wonder if I can preset folder-view to detailed view every time.
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    I recall i had to do this thru group policy in the old days, because the ^#%#% explorer would not stay settled to the "list" view i wanted, im so sick of this behavior ... if i put online other hdd the explorer view change constantly .... trying to check if i can do this on win10
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