Two different ram sticks (maybe not!)

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    I have just bought a two used ram sticks (samsung) witch wrote on the label of the first one
    4GB 1Rx8 PC3-12800U-11-12-A1

    and the second
    4GB 1Rx8 PC3-12800U-11-13-A1

    both r made in china

    I want to be sure if there a difference between them so they may could result into a problems or reduce the efficiency or something ! ?

    my main use is for gaming, browsing etc ...
    And if my English is bad just tell me to improve it. ^_^
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    Jun 8, 2015
    improve ur English flydude :)

    but into the problem at hand

    yeah they have two different numbers - memory has a clock rate (the 12800 part - it isn't actually megahertz but it can be converted to it), and "timings" (number of clock ticks they take to do something).

    if the 11-12 and 11-13 parts of the model number are "timings", if one dimm takes 12 cycles to do something and the other 13, you might be in trouble

    or you could see if you can tell your bios to run both dims at 13 and see if that works or (old trick) put the slower dimm in the first memory slot which should make your motherboards speed autodetector run them at the slowest speed

    but try anyway the worst thing that can happen if they don't work is... they don't work - your computer will just beep at you (with no display) or windows wont start

    its pretty hard to break them
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  3. Fly3

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    Oct 7, 2017
    Any advice ?
  4. Enthousiast

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    Oct 30, 2009
    Put them in, if the system boots, boot a memtest cd and let it run and it will show problems if they exist.

    TIP: Next time better to buy a kit.
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    Jul 4, 2014
    I am pretty sure they are same where they matter most!