Understanding ESDs, ISOs, and File Hashes

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    Since a good part of several pages in the 162 thread was about ESD, the ISOs made from them, and File Hashes...and since I'm a little confused myself...I figured I'd start a discussion here.

    If that was wrong, I apologize and please lock and/or delete the thread.

    I did the update from 158 to 162 via Windows Update and have only one ESD file on my drive.....install.esd in my $windows.~bt folder. I'm currently running the en-us build, 64bit.

    When I see the hashes for all the different ESD files, none of them match what I have. Also, none of the file hashes match for my ISO file after I decrypt it using Option 1 from the ESD Decrypter.

    So, I'm curious for an explanation as to why all the file hashes don't match. I'm a little confused about it all. If they're all "official Microsoft", should they match somewhere?

    Thanks in advance for helping this obvious n00b out....

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    The install.esd you will find in $Windows~BT is only a part of the ESD files delivered via WU for the Upgrade.

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    to make it short

    Any esd once extracted/decrypted to an iso will not have identical hash/crc etc... explained in a few posts here at mdl.

    The only guarantee is the crc / hash checks for the esd's ... nothing more.

    You grad the esd convert it with esd decrypter and burn an dvd for future use.