Unofficial Cumulative Windows XP Update (version 02.2019.1)

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    New version February 2019 (02.2019.1) has been released! Scroll down to the latest post for changelog.


    A while ago I used to run a Polish blog called Świat według Kuby (Jacob's World) at (address no longer valid), on which I shared a bit of my IT passion with the world. One of the things I put there was an unofficial cumulative update for Windows XP, which I'd like to share here with you.

    First released in October 2017, it's nothing else than a set of all post SP3 updates released until June 2017*. I collected them since December 2012, since I needed them for my own nLite projects. The most crucial part of it, however, is the automated batch script, which picks up choices from user and installs updates plus other optional stuff based on these choices. The script is written entirely by myself, and I focused to make the process as much user friendly as possible.

    The package supports English and Polish versions of Windows XP. Original October 2017 release also supported German, but I decided to cut it out to reduce the size of ISO file. This release was intended to be for Polish users, meaning it would support Polish Windows XP only, but English support has been ultimately left. The main reason for that was to keep compatibility with Media Center 2005 edition - the Polish MCE 2K5 does NOT exist, despite the fact you could install Localization Pack onto the English MCE 2K5. If you know what I mean ;).

    • Service Pack 1a (installed only if XP RTM/SP0 is detected)
    • Service Pack 3 (installed only if it already isn't)
    • Internet Explorer 8
    • Windows Media Player 11
    • .NET Framework 1.1 with SP1 and updates (will always be chosen to install on MCE 2K5)
    • .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 (also has .NET 2.0 SP2 and .NET 3.0 SP2 in itself) and updates
    • .NET Framework 4.0 and updates
    • DirectX Redist November 2007 (for very old machines with non-SSE compliant CPU, such as Pentium II and AMD K6 series)
    • DirectX Redist June 2010 (latest version)
    • Firefox 52.9.0 (final version) and 45.9.0 (for non-SSE2 compliant CPUs)
    • lots, lots of patches for XP...
    • ...and also patches plus updates for Media Center Edition 2005 (English only)
    How does it work? Quite simply actually. The script looks up for particular registry entries to check if required conditions are met - OS version, language, MCE presence. Before the main system updates installation begins, it also checks if one of the popular blocked product keys has NOT been used for installation. Two external utilities are later used for checking - SigCheck for IE/WMP versions, and CHKCPU32 for supported CPU instructions.

    Before system restart is initiated during installation, some of the needed data are written into text files on the OS drive's root directory. The release script is copied to the user's StartUp folder in Start menu. Once installation is finished, all of these files are deleted.

    In spite of time passed since Windows XP's death, a certain minority seems to keep the legend's spirit alive. Back when I put this package on my own blog, it gained some popularity. Now that I have shut it down, I still want to share this thing, believing it would be useful for someone :).

    Download (version 02.2019.1, Google Drive):

    • MD5: 75CBDAB180A7FFD9066F03E96C8B0B7E
    • SHA-1: D3CF1DBF1784930AF043ED9D6FB1277A7D6A6333
    Please do NOT modify my work.

    * Microsoft has ended support for Windows XP on April 8th, 2014. Since then no new updates were supposed to be released. However the hell has frozen over and a few more security patches came out - for Zero-day exploit on May 2014, WannaCrypt on May 2017, and a series of patches from June 2017.
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    I would like to download that amazing work, but download link seems to not work, am I right?
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    Hey guys. As a new user I'm not allowed to post any links. Therefore I had to change forward slashes into dashes to be able to post it at all. And, it will be available as long as I don't delete it from my Google Drive :p. I'd love to hear more feedback from ya!
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    New version February 2019 has been released!

    Changelog (more details in the included Readme file):
    • “Intelligent” error checking has been introduced.
    • Moved temporary text files location from the OS drive’s root directory to the logged in user’s Temp folder.
    • A so-called “persistent checkpoint” has been introduced (effective only on Windows XP MCE 2K5).
    • Fixed a bug where Firefox 45.9.0 would always be chosen to install regardless of SSE2 instructions present in the installed CPU.
    • Rewritten .NET 3.5 and .NET 4 installation scripts.
    • Optional folder has been renamed to Extras and moved to the Files folder. It can be now opened within Choice Selection Menu by selecting O, along with the text file describing what files in it are for.
    • Added uBlock Origin (Firefox legacy), NoScript Classic 5.1.9 Firefox addons, and a registry file to enable obtaining POSReady 2009 updates through Windows Update, to the Extras (formerly Optional) folder.
    • General review and modifications to the scripts code.
    Download link has been updated in the 1st post. Remember to change dashes into forward slashes!
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    Dec 18, 2018
    Just a few days after releasing February 2019 version, I've released today a supplemental release, which has some bugfixes and one extra new thing.
    • This supplemental release to the recent major February 2019 (02.2019) release features fixed .NET 3.5 and .NET 4 installation scripts, where in their former versions undesired behaviour after single update installation has been spotted.
    • Added TweakUI to the Extras (formerly Optional) folder.
    For your convenience, the download link remains unchanged, as I simply uploaded a new version of the same file over the old one. Checksums, however, have changed and I updated them in the 1st post accordingly.
    PS. One more post and finally I'll be able to submit links :p.
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    thanks for your hard work.
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    Truly this is a incredibly impressive lot of work MrJayCobPL !!
    Thanks hugely for making & sharing this.

    Thanks for the fully working link in reply #7 MMIKEE, and also for the link in reply #3, Mxman2k.

    Amazing to see that is a 3GB file.
    I usually only ever get anything this large when there is a Linux ISO that I want to check out.
    This amazing resource will provide such a fully updated XP for using as a guest OS that it is irresistible.

    Please keep up this great work MrJayCobPL.