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    Sep 4, 2009
    It's not a problem as long as they don't make mistakes, but I noticed that MS doesn't really have a good structure when it's about filenames in their office installers.

    There is the directory with the main program files, for example with Access this is AccessWW. In this directory are a number of files, including AccessWW.msi, AccessWW.xml and AccWW.cab.

    Now I've noticed that in some products the corresponding files have the same name (except for extension), this is the cace with project standard volume. Sometimes this is not the case, like above with access.

    With the retail versions an "r" is added right before WW, sometimes this is capital, sometimes not.

    With Project standard it's the case that the volume cab is named PrjStdWW.cab, and the retail version is PjStdrWW.cab (notice the first r, which is gone in the retail name).

    How come that such a big company is so unstructured with their filenames? I suppose that it's also easier for their own developers if they could automatically know the filename when they know the product. Now they have to go looking what weird name their colleges gave the file.

    And as long as it happens with filenames only it's still ok, but I hope they don't do such a things in the code itself.
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