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    Apr 11, 2013
    Hi all first post and hoping this is the right place, looks like a good forum and it's now in may favorites.

    Anyway my problem..............i have a new laptop with no OS installed. I installed win7 home premium with no problem. After the normal looking about after the install i noticed some things did not work with a message unsupported hard drive. After checking about i tried running the 'diskpart routine to make it an MBR drive and not a GUID, which i think it is. The drive was formatted during install so i thought is should be an MBR drive.
    The laptop came with just win8 drivers but i got a win7 disk from the supplier no problem.
    I have had a hell of a job getting the drive back to an unpartitioned drive but did eventually.
    My question is when i boot from my win7 disk to install again how do i make sure it is formatted with MBR
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    Do you mean this?? ;)

    Consult the enclosed readme.
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