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    Mar 11, 2019
    I used to rufusu very satisfied
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    Dec 10, 2013
    I believe you're missing an important statement from your link (emphasis mine):

    "No longer being actively developed" does not equate "no longer supported" (in a "ceased working" kind of sense) or "has been removed".

    As I mentioned, I tested Windows To Go with the preview 19H1 ISOs and now with the release, and found no issue whatsoever.
    So Windows To Go is still Go with 19H1 and it does looks to me like rumours of Windows To Go's death are being greatly exaggerated...
  3. erpsterm35

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    May 27, 2013
    but not too "exaggerated" though as MS may remove "Windows to Go" in a future release like 20H1
  4. Akeo

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    Dec 10, 2013
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    I personally doubt they will effectively remove Windows To Go support any time soon, and especially as soon as 20H1.

    The way I take it is that Microsoft realized that they were still carrying the old "Create a Windows To Go drive" feature that exists in the Control Panel of some versions of Windows (mostly Enterprise) and that dates back to Windows 8. That tool was pretty much already obsolete the day Windows 10 was released, precisely for the reasons listed by Microsoft (it was tailored for an exceedingly limited set of flash drives, because, at the time Windows 8 was released, very few flash drives could sustain the speed required to run Windows in To Go mode). So, since it makes no sense trying to maintain that tool any longer, they are laying the ground to have that tool removed.

    However, I doubt Microsoft are going to forcefully the core Windows To Go functionality (i.e. the one that is independent of the facility that was used to create the Windows To Go drive, which pretty much equates the ability to apply and run a WIM/ESD image on a removable drive), especially as we have explicitly have seen them fix a major bug there, which, if they probably could have ignored, and my understanding is that Microsoft must maintain some of the "boot & run from removable media functionality" for ARM64 devices anyway...

    So, while I wish I could state that I have more than enough spare time to try to take pre-emptive action for the many ways in which Microsoft (and others) may increase the usual level of entropy a developer has to deal, the truth is I really don't. So you won't see me take any action about Windows To Go until such time as Microsoft has veritably broken the core functionality, and in a manner that can't be worked around, which again, as long as all we get to see are some statements that probably have more to do with the re-assigning of internal Microsoft developer teams than anything else, I don't believe is going to happen any time soon.