Updating Memory Reference Code (MRC) in Dell BIOS

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    Hi all,

    I have a Dell Studio 1535 laptop which has an issue with high DPC latency spikes every 5 seconds.

    This issue appeared on a number of Dell laptops, and several received BIOS updates to fix it. One such laptop was the Studio 1537, which is almost identical to the 1535. You can find BIOS A09 for the 1537 at the following URL:


    The only thing referenced as being changed is the Memory Reference Code (MRC). I have used PhoenixTool to locate the updated MRC, however the Studio 1535 BIOS is in a different (older) format and its unpacked contents look nothing like the 1537 contents.

    The updated MRC for the 1537 can be found here:

    Does anyone know how I can shoehorn this into the older-style 1535 BIOS?