Urgent...Please help me.....help for mac on vmware

Discussion in 'Virtualization' started by awaisagha, Aug 25, 2010.

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    Aug 14, 2010
    Urgent...Please help me.....help for mac on vmware
    Dear respected mods and members....
    i need ur serious and kind help in this case....as i am stuck somewhere,i am myself advanced user but i cant sort it out....
    i have mac osX 10.5.6 dmg (retail),i converted it to iso with ultraiso and then tried to install that mac in vmware workstation 7.0....by following this tutorial....
    http: // bobhood.wordpress.com/2009/12...workstation-7/
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    i found this tutorial very easy and not confused....simple steps...but problem is,i did all it said but when it comes to boot on the virtual machine,it says,hardware acceleration is not present....

    my system specs are... dell studio 1737 laptop with 2.18ghz dual core,4gb ram,800gb hdd, and vga is intel vga 4500mHD... i guess this vga does not have hardware acceleartion...i mean I THINK....but in dxdiag it shows it is uptil 1696mb with 256mb dedicated....
    i have been also trying kalway v7 but no result....

    i have successfuly installed ubuntu and fedora in my virtual machines and they work fine...but why mac does so....
    i have following questions:
    1.is that hardware acceleration so necessary that installation wont go on without it.
    2.does any one know how to bypass this thing and continue to installation.
    3.any other way to install mac on my laptop....

    in my view,when ubuntu n fedora got installed,this mac MUST install too,but i am stuck...please guys help me out,i will be tons of thankful to u....

    (my host operating system is windows7 x64 but when i try to install any other x64 os as guest...it says,cannot install)
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    " all the contrary my dearest FRIENDS""" Hyper V will only be required for VIRTUAL PC (microsoft technology)
    not on VMware!

    Here is your solution just ignore the part where you insert leopard CD and just insert your tiger DVD :)

    forums (dot)mydigitallife.net/threads/21646-Mac-on-pc-(vm-workstation-7)?p=314708#post314708
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