USB Flash Drive Best Practices (For Reliability)

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    The web is full of articles how to protect data on usb flash drive or how to get best performance out of them but there is little to no talk about how to ensure that your brand new (and sometimes expensive) usb stick does not die in the first few weeks.

    Infact that's what happened to me.My 8GB Patriot Xporter XT Rage died in about a week ( Talk about my Rage lol ).So while my drive was in RMA i decided to do a little digging and put together a list of best practices to ensure that it does not happen again and to find out what i did wrong.
    Be aware that this post does not equal absolute truth and that there are exeptions to every rule.

    There is short term reliability and long term reliability.Constantly violate rules for short term reliability and you may have RMA on your hands.Long term reliability affects how the drive survives over the years so doing these things will not have an immideate effect but it will defenetly reduce it's lifespan.

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    Good guide, well done.
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    would this also pertain to micro sd cards in a blackberry?,i have been using a 32gb micro sd for transferring iso's,software,media in bulk,basically using it as a flash drive device. the blackberry automatically formats the sd card and windows 7 has no problem transferring files back and forth at a repetitive pace (alot),i also have an 8gb flash drive with a memory card reader,which would give me a total of about 37.5 gb,so my question is,is it better to insert my 32gb memory card in my blackberry or in my 8gb flash drive with memory card reader??( as far as longevity and reliability) thanks
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    external usb hard disk

    nice man...
    can this method be applied to external USB hard disk?
    I format it with 4 kb allocation size
    I'm running on Windows 7 x64