USB/Virtual Drive Letter Assignment Problem....

Discussion in 'Virtualization' started by jspcrepair, Nov 27, 2011.

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    I have come across an interesting problem...

    I have a virtual drive program which naturally allows for setting 1 to multiple
    virtual drives and assigns letters to its drives in sequence...
    I also have multiple USB ports and as we all know, they assign in the same

    Here is the issue:

    USB Flash drives have taken the letter G and it cannot be used now for any
    other drives - BUT - Letter G is the next sequential assignment for other drives.

    Let me see if I can explain this --

    Although my Virtual Drive program is always allowed 1 virtual drive, the V-Drive
    always takes drive letter H or higher instead of G (which is the next in line in the
    program) but the USB has taken that letter and will not release it for use.

    In the V-drive program, Letter G is showing as available for use but it will NOT
    change to G - Windows Disk Manager shows letter G as missing - hence in use by
    another program/drive/etc.

    I have tried setting "Virtual Drives = 0" then back to 1 drive...
    I have tried reassigning USB drive letters but all this does is make G disappear
    completely - as if it is locked for USB only...

    What I want is this...

    OS Drive = C:
    Secondary drive = D:
    Additional Partition = E:
    Internal Optical = F:
    Virtual Drive = G:
    USB's = H: and above

    I cannot figure this out... Why the V-program shows G as available but Windows
    says it is not... what is keeping it from being assigned...

    How can I get G: Released from being used as the USB assignment so it can be
    assigned to the Virtual Drive?
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    Feb 11, 2009
    Go to diskmanager and assign it any available diver letter you want. Why don't you just set you virtual drive to v....
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    May 4, 2011
    You should check out USB Drive Letter Manager (USBDLM). After a little configuration you should have all of your drives Lettered exactly how you want them.
    Mine currently goes:
    C: Windows 7
    D: BD-RE drive
    E: Daemon Tools drive
    F: reserved for my primary flash drive, regardless of usb port
    G-J: reserved for specific usb ports
    K-N: reserved for SD slots
    O-V: other devices/free
    W: shared partition
    X: network drive
    Y: Windows XP partition
    Z: Ubuntu partition

    USBDLM can do more than just manage driver letters. Device notifications, autoruns and mounting of trucrypt volumes is also possible.
    I installed it a few years ago on my laptop and it is now on every computer I am responsible for. 5 stars.