VAIO: Partial solution to No official BIOS update/Missing Platform Data(Phoenix bios)

Discussion in 'BIOS Mods' started by Mdluser45, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. Mdluser45

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    Nov 3, 2009
    Tools: Winphlash (v2.0.3.4)
    Bios: Official(from sony download) closely related to the one you have or:
    Unofficial "modded"(downloaded from other sites)

    -I have a vaio vgn-nr series (bios R1101J9) with intel GMA(x3100)and was able to download an unofficial modded bios R1150J9 also for a vgn-nr series(nvidia chipset).
    -First, i backed up my bios(R1101J9) using "Univeral Bios Back up Toolkit". Size came up to 1024kb.
    -Then, i tried to back up using Winphlash but, as everyone who tried before have found out, it needs a copy of the original bios which i don't have!:mad: So, i used the R1150J9 since it's the closest one i found. Winphlash generated a "BIOS.BAK" in the same folder. I Checked the file size and it came to 1027kb.:confused:
    On a hunch, i figured the difference in size from the one generated using "Universal Back Up Tool kit" may be the missing "Platform Data" that is required to flash it.

    -Back ups made with "Univeral Bios BackUp toolkit" = No platform data hence can not be flashed
    -Back ups "successfully" made with Winphlash(BIOS.BAK) = Has platform data flashable!
    You do not need the original bios to do this as in my case. Your GOAL is to find a bios close enough to cause the winphlash program to generate a "BIOS.BAK". This is a mirror of your current bios and has the platform data. THAT'S THE KEY! Remember to run program as admin and choose "Backup BIOS Only".

    Note: Was also able to back up my bios(R1101J9) with winphlash using downloaded modded bios from VGN-fz series (R0050J7, R1120J7, R2110J7). VGN-FZ and VGN-NR series have no official bios updates! It seems like platform data is not bios specific but general and the same across closely related bioses.

    So my next step was to rename my back up (from winphlash) "BIOS.BAK" TO "BIOS.WPH" and use this in the Phoenix tool to add slic 2.1. Then i used winphlash to flash it back.

    Hope this workaround will guide some of our members to do further reserach and more insights will come in. Will provide files later if needed as they are on the other computer.
  2. delforum

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    Mar 20, 2011
    I also have a Sony VAIO VGN-NR220E (PCG-7113L). I am interested in flashing this BIOS to have SLIC 2.1. Thank you for documenting your trials here.
  3. drod

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    Aug 25, 2011
    Hi, my friend has an vgn-nw240f

    I have been doing a ton of reading and this post is very helpful, However I am in need of some further help.
    obviously their are no bios updates for any of the nw200 series models. There is however a bios update for the nw100 series.
    I need to obtain a .rom file from the update for an nw100 series laptop which is available at sony's website (I can't post a link till I've posted 20 or greater posts, sorry)
    I am aware that these new updates do not have the ability to extract the .rom file through an unzipping program, and I'm also aware that the .rom file can be obtained through the windows temp folder (but only after the self installer gets to a certain point).
    My problem is is I have no way to get to that point without a compatible model :(

    Does anyone know of rom floating around out there either based on the nw200 series or nw100 series?
    last case scenario is, does anyone actually have an nw100 series laptop that is willing to obtain this rom for me?
    thanks in advance
  4. drod

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    Aug 25, 2011
    Also, just in the case that anyone is interested, my goal in the end will be to modify this bios to add support for intel VT-x if possible
    I have already done the legwork and successfully modded a similar sony bios for practice purposes to do just that.
    the original update name for it is PHBSYS-01457708-UN.exe
    the only laptop I know that this is for is the:
    Sony VAIO VGN-AR630e (I found a reference for this laptop and this update on this site in a request thread from someone who wanted someone to do just what i've done).

    I'm no expert but what I did in the hex editor is certainly reported (via Phoenix bios editor's emulation mode) as working correctly.
    If anyone in interested or if a moderator thinks it's a good idea, I will upload the finish product somewhere?
  5. Skylined

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    Nov 10, 2008
    I too have a VGN-NR220E, and I have since been using Daz Windows Loader for some time when I was running Windows 7, it would be nice to get the BIOS to SLIC 2.1, although the machine is almost 4 years old...
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  6. Seanster

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    Feb 6, 2010
    Vgn-nr320d r1101j9 slic 2.1

    Hi. I realize the thread is a bit old but it's the only place discussing the bios I needed.

    With the details given by the op I was able to pull this off and I wanted to give everyone else the benefit of the time I spent.

    The laptop is a Sony VGN-NR320D with bios R1101J9. Pentium Dual T2370 with Intel X3100 gpu. There have never been any bios updates for this model and it only ever shipped with Vista. Nobody has published a SLIC 2.1 bios that I can locate.

    I went to and found a machine I guessed was similar and had an available bios update to download.

    VGN-NR110Q bios PHBSYS-14612500-US.EXE

    I used Universal Extractor (default options) on the exe file and that produced EP0000146125.exe
    Again, with Universal Extractor on that file I was able to get a directory with WinPhlash version and a bios, R0131J9.WPH.

    I edited the PHLASH.INI file so the "backup only" option would be unhidden:


    This WinPhlash couldn't load it's driver in Vista or Win7 so I did a quick USB boot to XP using F4UBCD. I ran it, entered R0131J9.WPH into the bios field and selected the "backup bios only" option. This created a backup 'BIOS.BAK' with the additional platform information. The file size is exactly 1,051,419 bytes.

    I also generated the '' file with RW-Everything.

    From 'OEMCERT_AND_SLICS_2013-01-31.7z' I fetched the Sony slic and cert files.

    With the bios backup, RW-Everything report, and SLIC ready I fed those into phoenixtool 2.14

    The default phoenixtool options do not produce a correct bios. The RSDT and XSDT table names come out incorrectly 'Sony XSDT' instead of 'Sony Vaio'. I had to repeatedly try different options to get it to work and unfortunately I can't remember with certainty which option it was, but my best guess is 'Replace Table ID from RSDT/XSDT Tables in RW Report' or 'Don't alter any ACPI tables or OEM/Table ID strings' needs to be un-checked.

    I probably had to flash 6 to 8 times to get it right but luckily none of the options I played with bricked the laptop or anything. I had also tried both SSV2 and dynamic options. In the end the default dynamic option was used. I ran 'SLIC Toolkit 3.2' to see if the SLIC was correctly in place and if the table IDs match up. The output from SLIC Toolkit is all green and 'valid' when you get it right.

    After the SLIC is properly in place and deemed valid should be no trouble with offline activation.

  7. itsmemario1

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    Sep 10, 2012
    Holy Moly ! What a workaround ! :'D

    I stumbled across this thread by accident and was close to give up already.

    Thanks in advacne, will try asap !
  8. Olcanicious

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    Oct 30, 2012
    Is Sony VAIO VGN-CR220E (bios R1121Q0) compatible with your solution to add slic 2.1?