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    Mar 8, 2010
    Hi, I've a great problem, I've make a brick with this notbebook.

    I search in this fantastic forum any bios modded for this laptop without exit, then I go to make it.

    The Bios of this laptop is AMI, but is EFI and the tool used are for update the slic are Phoenix tool, with this tool the bios don't update XRDT, and I can't activate with the bios OEM certs.

    Then I' tried mod the bios withs BUILD SLP 2.0, this tool is for phoenix, then update the bios with afuwin , reboot and .... black screen....

    I've read the bios recovery procedure for AMI BIOS, but the bios size is 2mb, how insert this in a floppy disk?

    Is possible works the phoenix methode?