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    i have pivot table in a excel sheet and it pulls data from a CRM database.

    when a user clicks any data in the pivot table it creates a new worksheet showing all the data that is related to that data selected.

    I want to know is how can i delete the epmty cells in this new work sheet can i make this automatic for a "x" number of new sheets ?? i have tried these codes with no success!

    Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
    'Deletes blank rows as they occur.
     'Prevent endless loops
     Application.EnableEvents = False
     'They have more than one cell selected
     If Target.Cells.Count > 1 Then GoTo SelectionCode
      If WorksheetFunction.CountA(Target.EntireRow) = 0 Then
      End If
     Application.EnableEvents = True
     'Our code will only enter here if the selection is more than one cell.
     Exit Sub
     If WorksheetFunction.CountA(Selection.EntireRow) = 0 Then
     End If
     Application.EnableEvents = True
    End Sub
    i tried to paste this into a new module in microsft visyak basic so i can then run the macro in excel for some reason it does not show this code to be reconized as a macro!

    i tired to paste this code into "microsft excel objects" in vb still get no success in deleting blank cells in the worksheet!