[VB.Net] Terminate dll file in a Process

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    Mar 22, 2014
    suspend thread automaticly

    hello Sir.

    May you can help me?

    When I start a programm, it also loads a dll-file that generate many threads.
    After five minutes the programm crashs.
    I found the problem: it is the dll file which is loaded with the programm I use.
    The thread from the dll-file are in Thread.sleep mode and after five minute they awake and shutdown/crashs the programm I am using.

    When I use Process Explorer and suspend the dll threads at the exe-file of my program, my programm continua works fine.

    Do you know a tool or skript that can automaticly detect (check every minute if there is any thread from the dll-file) and suspend all threads from the dll-file, in the background?
    The thread detection has to be the Start Adress (Thread name).

    Thank you very very much Sir.

    I hope you can help me.


    PS. Sir, I dont know programming or code. I am only know a little bit AutoHotkey code write.