VCLibs 12 and CRT RTM updates daily

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    Hello I have a I5 Gigabyte Intel based PC, GA-P55-UD3 mobo 4 gb ram. I use it mainly as a media player connected to my Sony Television, It had Windows 7 Home premium on it originally, I upgraded it to Win 10 Home, it is 64 bit. I have installed on it Office 2013, and VLC media player, that's about it, it has a Gainward Nvidia 550ti video card. After upgrading to Win 10 it was updating the VCLIBS 12 and the CRT RTM once per day. I have read everything I can find on the net, some suggestions were to reinstall the C++ files on the PC, remove the Skype app, etc, On doing this the VCLIBS 12 and the CRT RTM now update up to 6 times around 10 minutes after having the PC on, the timing of the update all appears to be at the same point in time. ...Oh I view the updates via the reliability monitor, I have completed sfc /scannow, it returns clean. This is frustrating as I am out of new things to try, any assistance will be greatly appreciated. .thanks Garry

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    If you don't like it then disable Windows update, simple isn't it?