VHD Booting on uEFI system

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    Hello all
    Wondering if i could get some help on this topic
    i have an alienware laptop running windows 10 tech preview on the main os drive and then a data hard drive, i have a fixed size VHD file stored on my D drive which is 60GB,
    so i boot to windows 8.1 setup and i mount the VHD, i go through setup like normal creating a new partition on the VHD and going foward like normal.... then it reboots like normal and trys to boot into windows 8.1 but i get an error saying that it cant find winload.efi with code 0x000000e i think it was.....
    im wondering what am i doing wrong? anyone have a proper guide to doing this?
    any help would be great Thanks :)
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    Hi, Paul117

    How about

    1. On Windows 10, mount VHD (double-click) and quick format as NTFS.

    2. Run CMD as Administrator, then apply the command line and hit ENTER.

    dism /Apply-Image /ImageFile:X:\sources\install.wim /Index:1 /ApplyDir:V:\
    3. Unmount VHD (right-click the Drive letter of the mounted VHD, and click "Eject.)

    4. By EasyBCD 2.2, add new entry and point to the VHD. And Save.

    5. Reboot

    1. X: stands for the Drive letter of Windows 8.1 ISO when mounted.
    2. V: stands for the Drive letter which the VHD was mounted on.
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    Aug 25, 2013
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    thanks! ill give that a try and let u know how i go :)
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    got somewhere sorta..... i applied the image and ran EasyBCD 2.2 and added a new entry pointing to the VHD and saved.... rebooted into windows 8.1 but got a different boot loader screen (like windows 7 one not windows 8.1 one) and it only had windows Technical Preview in the selection... i checked the BCD info and it said that it was pointing to winload.exe and i need it pointed to winload.efi.... how do i edit that?

    Edit: Decided it would be easier if i just shrink my D Drive and install windows 8 to a small partition that way.
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    Here is the way I used:

    1. Download Convert-WindowsImage.ps1 from Microsoft website(search it with Google)

    2. You can use dism /apply-image, however, Convert-WindowsImage.ps1 is easy-to-use :)

    3. You can run command: "Convert-WindowsImage.ps1 -showui" to start the GUI, or you can use command line, the GUI doesn't have the "-ExpandOnNativeBoot:$false" switch.
    .\Convert-WindowsImage.ps1 -SourcePath "D:\2in1.iso" -VHDFormat VHDX -Edition ServerDataCenter -VHDPartitionStyle MBR -BCDinVHD NativeBoot -ExpandOnNativeBoot:$false -Verbose
    Note: With "-ExpandOnNativeBoot:$false" switch, the VHD file will not expand to the maximum size when you use it in native boot.

    4. Mount the created VHD file in Disk Management, get the drive letter of the system drive of the VHD file, such as f:\.

    5. Open a CMD prompt command line, run the following command, the system will copy boot files and add a new boot entry. Then enjoy the dual boot.
    f:\windows\system32\bcdboot f:\windows