VIA Chrome9 HD IGP - "Display Driver failed to start" (VIA VX900 Chromotion 2.0)

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    while the screen kept flickering on Win 8.1 when installing the beta drivers (x64),
    Win10 (10565) stops the flickering right when the VIA install said it was complete, followed by "Display Driver failed to start". Same when manually installing. o_O

    The device manager then enlists VIA Chrome9 HD IGP, but with yellow "!" and "Windows has stopped this device because it reported problems. (Code 43)

    The newest official driver setup just stops with "Setup cannot continue" (Win 8 and Win 10)
    and when trying to install manually via device manager, it keeps using the "Basic Display Adapter".

    Restarting the PC, will result into showing the mousecursor only on a black screen that is sometimes "refreshing".

    I read about this on various sites already, but only/also in combination with nvidia & amd. :31:

    Its a HP Thin Client T5570 (VIA 1 GHz) 64 bit ready - 4GB RAM - 32GB SSD

    Im aware of Knoppix, KODI and Windows 7...;)