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  1. khrsquire

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    Mar 9, 2010
    Hi I have a movie video 5.2gig mp3. which I obtained for a friend whose player does not have divx codec. I dlded this in avi and converted to std DVD ie mp3 but cannot write to a 4.5g disc. How do I split this between 2 DVD's??? thx ken:confused:
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    Apr 20, 2010
    You have several options.
    1) Burn it to a DVD+R DL disc which has a capacity of 8.5 GB (no loss in quality)
    2) Use DVD-Fab or Convert X to DVD to shrink and burn the 5.2 GB video to a standard DVD+R disc with a capacity of 4.71 GB (some quality loss)
    3) Use a video editor like Sony Vegas Pro to split the video into 2 parts so they can be burned to 2 standard DVD+R discs (some quality loss)
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    DVD shrink can compress it and also clip from the begining and/or end of the movie. DVD shrink does not remove protection, it works with unprotected disks or DVD files.
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