View Foscam Wifi Video Camera stream in VLC player in Linux

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    How to observe H.264 Foscam Wifi Security Video Camera stream in VLC PLAYER

    The software that comes with a Foscam Wifi Video Security Camera is for Windows, Mac or Android. Foscam doesn't include Linux software. You can still view the camera video on your Linux based PC with the method listed below.

    Install VLC Player for Linux.

    In VLC Player click:


    -Open Network Stream

    Paste the URL string below (with Login, password, IP address & Port filled in) into VLC:



    And press PLAY. Give it a few seconds to logon and start receiving the H.264 stream.

    This only allows you to observe the video stream, not control the camera.

    Control the camera with your Foscam phone app.
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