View/Open/Extract OEM certs or keys in Bios

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    :confused::confused::confused:Is there an easy way to look into the bios that I have installed (or a copy) on my laptop? I want to see what the actual installed OEM keys or certs are that are included in my SLIC 2.1 table in my bios. It's a Dell Phoenix Bios Plus v1.10 - A19 and the actual file name is M4400A19.exe. I have extracted the ROM and HDR file, but I don't know what program to use to get the information that I want. I'm just very curious to see what the certs or keys are and as well curious as to how to get the information from my bios. I had a loader installed, but have uninstalled it.
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    Apr 24, 2009
    You may confuse between SLIC/KEY/CERT
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    I geuss what I'm asking is how can you view the Slic 2.1 table in the bios. I am geussing that is where the OEM keys(?) are that match what is in the "cert" file when you insert it into windows to make it an OEM version. Thanks and I certainly didn't mean to confuse anyone, but do see what you mean. Thank you
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    What I see is thet YOU ARE very confused

    In BIOS you will have SLIC 2.1 with marker & public key (it is NOT a Windows key, it is just called that, it is digitally signed bit of info)
    In Phoenix BIOS you will NOT see anything directly in the BIOS as it is "hidden" from view in .hdr file which is compressed in the .exe

    You can only see when you actually update the BIOS & then use utilities (Davidxxw tool)