Violation for parking distance away from curb.

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    Wanting another opinion. Yesterday I was at a health center in a city that is close to me. There is a side street located on the side of the building. This is a pretty busy street which has an what i would call an island. There is parking on both sides of the island with a total of maybe a total of 75 or more spaces to park there. This is pretty normal for this street as it is hard to find a spot to park.

    When I got out to the car I noticed there was something under my wiper so I got it and read it. It turned out to be a parking violation. The reason as to what was given is "parking over 1 foot from the curb". This is a company that is not a part of the police dept. When I got home I called a few different police stations to get some opinions. The city that it happened in was my 1st call. I first told the dispatcher of the situation my situation and put me on hold. When someone picked up the phone to call me was another cop. I was told by that person that she wasn't familiar with that law. If a police person doesn't know about this law how am i suppose to know about it? After I talked to the cop she handed the phone to and told him of the situation and he started to laugh about it.

    I tried a few other stations and no one would give me an honest answer because in my opinion they thought it was a bogus reason for a ticket. One cop that I explained it to told me that I was putting her in an odd situation where it was hard for answering it with any truth. This tells me that she didnt think it was worthy of a ticket. It is only a $25 dollar ticket. I was also told this was in the handbook from which a person must study before they took their permit test. I took mine over 20 years ago so how was i to know of such a law.

    Also, how is a person suppose to know the exact amount of inches away from the curb. Was I suppose to bring a ruler to measure it to ensure I was the apropriate distance from the curb? LOL

    Opinions plz.
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    There was a time when stories online gave me a rush of enthusiasm to get my opinion to the world. However I soon found out that those stories themselves need to be cross checked so that I could form an honest opinion. This is one of those times I mean, I want to elicit an opinion on the matter but my brain says there isn't enough views to say one way or another.

    You can easily shortcut the process to measure the distance from the curb by taking your foot and doing a SWAG. This gives you the distances or measure necessary. However in this case the answer to your question is that without another view point each and every response after yours will be bias. This means the responses will be tilted in your favor because you have provided the information above. Thus the answer is a non answer to begin with. The ticket was non-justified because you want people to swing in your favor.

    However in my opinion I need to go pull a cat from a box to see if its dead or alive. There isn't enough information to form an opinion that is honest.
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    @Bruinator: Your Interositer with partial electron sort will tell you exactly how far your're parked from the curb.
    What's that? You didn't bring yours along?

    Tsk tsk...

    Next time, take the bus.

    @Smorgan: I'm willing to bet that the "Cat in a box" is both dead and alive simultaneously :eek:

    "Too much fluff...not enough stuff"

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