Visio/Project 2010 & lync 2013

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    I need some help because i'm a bit lost with the integration of post sp2 visio & project 2010 updates.

    I can integrate post-sp2 updates in office 2010 just fine but as should be expected after the installation of either visio or project there are significant updates to make due to some files that were installed being replaced by these.

    My goal is to achieve this integration of post-sp2 updates on visio and project 2010 on the initial installation.

    Do i only need to redo the same process for office 2010 ? Tried to use the custom msp trick but it only applies to the main office suite and does not offer the project or visio options.

    On a side note i'm also in need for any help to do the same on lync 2013 client app (post - sp1 updates)

    Any help in this would be great or if you suggest the use of mdt to make these integrations please give some pointes on how to.

    Thanks in advance.