vista activated, then it deactivates itself

Discussion in 'Windows Vista' started by pab.tubby, Aug 6, 2008.

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    Jun 29, 2008
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    well after uninstalling vista sp1 beta, which i installed in nov.2007, and installing vista sp1 official release in jun. 2008, all worked fine, no activation warnings or watermark,, this went fine for a month,, then last week i shut down my hp laptop oem vista home premium sp1, and when i opened the notebook up at my destination it asked me to activate vista,, ?? what the !@#!! is going on here,, no matter what i do, reinstall sp1, uninstall sp1, recover from windows image backup,, nothing works, my winver keeps showing its eval copy 6001 with the old sp1 beta date nov.2007,, even with no sp1 i cant activate or validate,, microsoft says its oem, so no support, and hp has no solution that works,,,(when i use rearm it says i have 3 days to

    i have tried almost everything.. is there any way to remove some registry entries and reinstall sp1 so that it recognizes its the real sp1 and i can use my genuine oem vista key again?? im sick of this now.. and hope that a real person with skills knows how to fix it,, as ms and hp dont really care,,,

    thanks in advance,
    mark (pab.tubby)
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    Backup data & reinstall the OS. Sounds to simple, but time wasted trying to figure all that mess out was time you could have already had it done. I do alot of repairs and any hint of something wrong like nasty spyware, viruses, mucked up Windows by installing beta service packs, etc.. I don't even waste time looking for solutions or scanning for pests, a fresh install and i know its working correctly.
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    try running ccleaner and winask regestry optimizer see if that helps, could ealsy be that those will remove the bad reg keys, also jv16 regcleaner may be in order, i know it sounds silly but i have recovered many a system using them to remove bad reg keys.