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    Ok, first of all let me start by saying that im sorry if im starting a new thread that is it might be already somewhere, so for those administrators, im truely sorry, i looked and i couldnt find any.

    Well, i hope i can be help. I have already install in my computer Windows XP Pro and i just resize my main HDD to be capable of Dual Booting Vista Eternity Edition 2009. Now i can Dual Boot, no issues there, but here is the issues, i cant seem to be able to activate Vista. This edition of Vista already comes with a pre-installed Key so nothin i can do there.

    I have use many activator including Timestop and that one specifically did not work, all that i did was that it remove my actual 30days activation n force my Vista to activate right then and there. since i couldnt i have to reinstall.

    Now, know this, everytime i use an activator when it restarts the computer i get 2 different errors, BOOTMGR or VSTDAL (or however it spells) then i have to use the Vista DVD to repair my boot. Then once that is done, i get back to my Vista Desktop and it still have 30days to activate.

    Here are my specs of my computer (is my own custom build)

    MOBO: EVGA 780i Sli (132-CK-NF78-A1)
    CPU: Intel Q6700 2.67Ghz
    RAM: OZC 2GB 800Mhz (but soon receiving 4GB more)
    OS: XP Pro 32bit and Vista Eternity 2009 X64
    HDD: 2 WD Caviar with a total of 1.4TB
    PSU: Ultra X-Pro 750Watts

    now i dont kno if you guys needed all that but i wanted everyone to know what i have. N by the way my BIOS is already up-to-date.

    So, what can it be done? Remember i installed Vista on an already XP Pro computer. I want to activate this version of Vista and be capable of Dual Booting. I dont want to keep trying different methods and keep getting errors, and i most say im liking Vista Eternity 2009 lots
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