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    Guys, here is where i need help, and im hoping someone please and i mean please can give me some more info.

    I have already installed Windows XP Pro SP2 and i decided to Dual Boot with Vista Eternity X64. I am able to Dual Boot but when i go to activate my Vista Eternity i have use many programs. I have use Vistaloader 3.0.1 to both Emulate my OEM my BIOS Manufacture which i choose ASUS, and change my registry Manufacture which again i choose ASUS (and i did change under my computer properties from what it was Rockers Team) also kno that my Vista Eternity version came already pre activated with no CD Key requirement. Now when i use Vistaloader i choose the manufacture, it gives me a succesful popup and then i change the CD Key to OEM and gives me a succesful manufacture. I reboot but then i get a BOOTMGR error so i have to fix it. Once done it restart Vista but then its back to Needs to Activate under 30days, but now is 28days.

    Now i have also use SOFTMOD, when i restart the computer i boot up the cd and it emulates my Vista, once it still i go to CMD under Administrator and i run couple of commands lines to get succesful installment. My Vista gets Activate and Genuine but once i restart my computer it goes back to Needs To Activate under whatever amount i have left. I dont kno what to do.

    For the most part whatever other program i use my BOOTMGR gets damage. My questions are these, should i just remove XP Pro SP2 so i wont have any more BOOTMGR and be able to activate Vista? Is there a way i can just removes XP Pro bootloader so only Vista loads and if i want XP Pro i just reinstal the bootloader? I kno i got the modded BIOS from this site but i was confused on flashing my BIOS since is a .bin and not a iso like i obtain from EVGA which all i do is place it on a cd and boot it up and done my BIOS is flash. But this is a .bin, some guy gave me some steps but i was a bit confuse but i guess i need to learn, and on top im afraid of bricking my 780i MOBO and i cant fix it, does anyone kno how to?

    Can anyone help me get my Vista Eternity Activate so i can use it? please i need help. I dont want to get anyone mad or annoy but i do need help
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