Vista OEM upgraded to Windows 7 - MAK is report to be invalid (but shouldn't be)

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by zandz, Aug 18, 2010.

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    Jun 15, 2010

    So I know this sounds like BS but a guy I know from IRC works for MS and gave me a MAK key (which he called a blanket key) and said it will work for Ultimate or Enterprise, he also gave me a MAK key that he generated for me for Pro. He also generated an Office 2010 Pro MAK for me also, which works fine..

    But my problem is (and he doesn't know why, before you ask, other than saying I need to format/reinstall using Enterprise ISO he put up on his server for me) I started off with an OEM copy of Windows Vista Home Premium, and then did the in-place upgrade preserving all files and settings since I didn't wanna mess up a good thing.

    I used a copy of windows which I downloaded off the net and went with Home Premium at first. My MS friend said that I needed to go to Win 7 Pro before upgrading to Ultimate or Enterprise. To upgrade from Vista to Win 7 Home I used an OEM key from my father in laws laptop, so of course it wasn't going to work on mine. I knew this..

    However, the MAK given by my friend doesn't work even tho it should have like 500 installs left on it, same with the "blanket" key I have.. Anybody have any thoughts? He said it's probably because I used an upgrade option instead of a fresh install. Every time I enter the MAK it says it is not valid for this verson of Windows..

    I really do not want to format my system, I'd rather chew off my leg. It runs so well and has all my software/settings exactly the way I like them. Now, I didn't have a problem until RemoveWAT stopped working even though I haven't taken the KB910733 update, I am getting the error that this copy of Windows is not valid.

    I'd rather crack windows than format and use a legal key... Unless someone out there knows of some kind of *miracle* software that will transfer all programs/settings/files to a fresh install of Windows on the same disk/machine, or knows how to help me get my copy to accept the MAK key that I am using (which IS valid and not black-listed and is working fine on my wife's laptop) than I will need help to keep my copy cracked (he says one day MS will throw the kill-switch on, btw).

    Anybody out there can help me? This is the forum with the smartest, latest and greatest Windows hacking techniques and although I have not posted before, I've been here many times for this same kind of advice. Not seeing a post like mine, I am hoping to appeal to the sensibilities of those of you who have the answers I seek.

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    Aug 29, 2009
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    Nov 18, 2009
    Did you use a clean untouched version of Windows? What version of Windows is on your machine right now? Home premium?

    You say "So of course it wasn't going to work on mine." Does that mean you didn't activate Windows Home? Windows 7 CoA keys from the bottom or side of machines from Dell, HP etc will not activate online, but will activate over the phone.

    You can use anytime upgrade to go from home->professional, however:
    1) You must be ACTIVATED first. Not removeWAT'd, but activated
    2) You don't just enter the key as you do normal keys. (eg: not slmgr /ipk) You must use the "Windows Anytime Upgrade" program to enter the key.

    Any time upgrade might not accept a MAK key. In which case you could try an OEM-SLP key.

    If nessesary, uninstall removeWAT, use Daz's removeWAT cleanup tool, install Daz's loader to activate Win 7 HP. Validate online to become genuine (or try rearming).
    Once genuine enter a Professional SLP key into anytime upgrade.
    Once upgraded to professional, if desired convert to MAK and uninstall Daz's loader.

    Now I don't know what magic this "Blanket key" gives, but standard MAK keys work with Professional and Enterprise only. Try running it through a PID checker and see what it says. Enterprise is feature equivalent to Ultimate, however it isn't possible to do an in-place upgrade to Enterprise. It is possible to do an inplace "anytime" upgrade:starter->home basic->home premium->Professional->Ultimate. But Ultimate doesn't support MAK activation.

    @MasterDisaster: KB article says the problem can occur with KMS activation, but not with MAK activation.
  4. myhken

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    Feb 28, 2010
    Of course, I forgot that. MAK keys only work on Pro and Enterprise (win 7). And you can not upgrade from Ultimate to Enterprise. But from Pro to Enterprise is OK.
    Still not sure if you can use the MAK key on AnyTime upgrade..I will test it now:

    The result: It do not work. You can not use AnyTime upgrade from Windows 7 Pro (retail, OEM) to Windows 7 Enterprise with the MAK key. So you have to do a clean install. Or use windows Pro then. The MAK key for Enterprise also work on Win7 Pro.
    Using my commands over will help you, if you remove all trace of RemoveWAT etc using Daz instructions.