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    I am new here and I have a problem about the new sp1 activation. Few days ago I have installed the new service pack 1 for ultimate vista. Actually I do not know which version I have, the only crack I used was the timestop. It worked fine up I installed the new sp1. Now it asks me to acivate vista, less than 30 days are left. I know probably I should have a look inside the forum, but there are so many things that I didn't understand which is the right way to bypass the activation.

    I have a Sony VAIO VGN-FE41Z


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    Sep 7, 2008
    about SP1 activation


    This is a tipical error. SP1 discover such kind of crack like timerstop, so don't install SP1 if you have that crack. If installation happened, there is not a lot of option you have. You can delay or prolong activation time 3 times more. Just open a command line (run cmd.exe) with administrator rights (it is VERY important) and type slmgr -rearm then press Enter. This command reset the activation counter back to 30 days. You can do this 3 times, then it is exhausted.
    Or you can use modded bios for activate Vista. Please browse the forum for further advice.
    Or you can use Bios emulation which is a softer version of the previous method, but it is also a software and I think SP1 can detect it also.
    Bios modding is the best way, but very risky.

    Hope it was helpful.
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    Thanks guys:)

    Actually was the timerstop the problem. I tried the first time to use the w00tageman activator but it occured an error message during the reboot, and I couldn't go further. I then uninstalled the timeestop using voatktools, run again the sp1 activator.

    It works, for the first time I have a genuine Vista version