Vista Updates -- SOLUTION!

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    Jan 26, 2008
    Re: My thread "Vista Updates fail to install" 01-26-2008, 05:30 AM
    I have had problems installing my downloaded updates and searched everywhere for answers. MS has pages and pages of solutions but by the time you read and try them all, you are old and bald! Even help from five different forums did not get my updates installed.

    Today, during a bright moment, I thought of re-installing Vista from the original CD, and guess what, that is the answer. It worked for me on ALL updates.

    If you have an original Vista CD, from the SETUP menu select INSTALL NOW, the next screen will give you 2 choices, tick the first one, ie. "Go online to get the latest updates for installation........etc" This choice will ensure that all your other settings and files will not be touched.. From here on follow the instructions as Vista is repairing all your files, actually it will empty all your temporary downloaded update files and you will get a clean start in your HISTORY and INSTALLED UPDATES.

    It will take some 65/70 minutes to overwrite all files before the available download files will appear in CONTROL PANEL/WINDOWS UPDATES. In my case a total of 33 Updates.

    I then downloaded a month at the time, ie. all files May, then June, then July etc, and I restarted between each month and checked if they had installed. Yes, it takes another 45/60 minutes, but that is nothing compared to the five days I have spent looking for answers.

    I should mention because I normally use FIREFOX, that for this exercise I made IE7 my Browser and I kept 'User Account Control' switched off.

    I am completely up-to-date and feel much better and safer. :D

    Try it and post your questions here if you have problems.

    Good luck! :))))))