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    I was running:
    Host: Ubuntu 8.04,
    Virtualization-layer: VMware Workstation v6.0.4.93057 for Linux,
    Guests: Ubuntu 8.04, FreeBSD, WXPP, etc OSes...

    After updating the Host OS, I cannot start VMware Workstation anymore so I cannot reach the Guest OSes inside, I used to work in!

    1. How can I recover/reinstall Host without to loose my Guests insde VMware?

    2. How should I operate in the future to prevent this from happening again?

    2a. Should I quit updating the Host OS and only update the Guest OSes inside VMware?

    2b. Should update VMware Workstation as soon as there is a new version?

    Advice someone?

    Thank's, datcat :confused::eek:
  2. datcat

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    Sep 10, 2008
    I would appreciate some help on this one please! :confused::eek:
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    What do you mean you updated the host OS? What did you update? In any case, everything should still be working!!
    You must have done something very weird, like removing some kernel module or something that vmware needs, or maybe adding something that conflicts with vmware.
    Try uninstalling vmware workstation properly and then reinstalling.
    Also search the official forum for help, this might not be the best place.

    0) Read the manual <---------------------------

    1) The guests are independent of the host OS to a great extent. That's the whole point of virtualization. You should be able to copy paste to another computer and the guest would just reconfigure and work perfectly on that new host. To backup your vms you could just copy them to an external drive and then copy them back after you changed the host (assuming it required you to wipe the vms, you don't need to do this for normal maintenance). Last but not least, remember vmware workstation is independent of your virtual machine files... uninstalling it/reinstalling it does not remove/destroy your vms.

    2) ??? be more specific about the problem

    2a) NO. updating both is a good idea, but try not to update any drivers/modules/kernel unless it's necessary or you know what you're doing. I assume you mean updating with security patches, etc.

    2b) I usually do that, and it works. Updating vmware versions is OK in most cases (read the release notes before installing). Also make sure to install the new vmware tools after updating.

    EDIT: PS: In the worst case, you can mount the guest file systems to recover the data...
    PS2: ***check that your vmware services/daemons are up and running. If you updated ubuntu it might have overwritten your startup config files.