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    Oct 7, 2016
    Start and stop VMware Workstation services on your laptop, do You stop them or not ?
    Do You use any script to them ?

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    Oct 26, 2009
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    sample batch vmstart.bat, works on german Windows 7, more than eight years old....
    @echo off
    rem ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    rem -  stop services but prove before if VMs are running
    rem ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    rem -  copy this batch and Microsofts devcon.exe  in the same folder
    rem -
    rem -  start batch as Admin: vmstart.cmd ":\MyPath\myVM.vmx"
    rem -  or make link to vmstart.cmd and define target  "C:\VM\Win7\Win7.vmx" 
    rem -  run "minimised" in this link
    rem ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    rem ++++++++ define service ++++++++++++++++++++++
    set dienste=VMnetDHCP "VMware NAT Service" VMAuthdService
    rem  VMwareHostd VMUSBArbService
    rem ++++++++ define network connection +++++++++++++
    set "Verb=ROOT\VMWARE\0000 ROOT\VMWARE\0001"
    rem ++++++++ VMware process name +++++++++++++++
    set vm=vmware.exe
    rem define path to the devcon.exe util
    set _devcon="%~dp0devcon.exe"
    rem check if network connection are active and in use
    for %%a in (%Verb%) do (for /f %%i in ('call %_devcon% status @%%a^|find /I /C "running"') do if %%i==0 %_devcon% enable @%%a)
    for %%a in (%dienste%) do net start %%a
    start /WAIT "" %1
    rem check if the are more VMs are running if yes show error and do nothing
    for /f %%i in ('tasklist^| find /I /C "%vm%"') do if %%i NEQ 0 goto ende
    rem stop services and remove network connections
    for %%a in (%dienste%) do net stop %%a
    for %%a in (%Verb%) do %_devcon% disable @%%a
    rem remove all variables if you like
    set _devcon=
    set dienste=
    set Verb=
    set vm=