W7 PirateD Theme?

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by JQP, Jan 24, 2012.

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    I joined the forum to find out how to banish those Godawful taskbar thumbnails, but since I got that sorted out already I've got a more lighthearted question. I just made the switch to W7 and I'm shopping themes. I remember years ago I had a theme for XP or Vista that was, erm, a PirateD theme. Not just a Pirate theme, but a PirateD theme, if you catch my drift. Basically it was a really well done Jolly Roger skull with crossed sabers and the works, wearing a jaunty Windows-colored hat, eyepatch, etc. It said "Windows XP - Pirated Version" or something like that at logon, and that was the desktop background, too. It was ****in' hilarious.

    Now, my copy of W7 is genuine, activated, and 100% toootally legit (natch!). But I'd still love to have that theme.

    Anybody seen anything like this? If not, I'd even settle for the original theme, and converting it to work with W7. In fact I'm going to go search XP and Vista theme sites for it as soon as I post this.

    Haha, Ggle got it in one. It's an XP theme. Can't post the link because of the silly forum rules.

    Okay, so I exaggerated the tale in the telling. No jaunty cap. Damn he'd be cooler with a jaunty cap, maybe one with a small Bill Gates button pinned to it.

    But damn if that isn't the coolest theme ever. I'm sooo converting that.