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    Have just finished a fresh install; from an MSDN verified iso. Installed all my programs, activated and validated both the windows and office installations. Have also installed nero 7.11.10.
    But the 1st. time I tried to play an avi file - the windows media player opened up; and the sound started up but no video. There was just a fixed image (about 2" x 1") in the centre of the media player.
    I tried to open (right click, open with) the avi with nero, got an error message about direct x features not being installed. Advised to open dxdiag, go to display on 2nd. tab and enable direct x features. "Notes" section advised no problems found. Clicked the <run x64 diag> button which then advised that the direct x features are enbled.
    Tried windows media player again; still no video.
    Rebooted and ran dxdiag, still showed features not enabled. Did some research, used control panel, windows features installed on left hand tab - uninstalled windows media player, rebooted media player uninstalled.
    Followed sequence again (to re-install media player) rebooted and once into windows again, media player installed, but video wouldn't play.
    Tried to get a link at microsoft to obtain fresh mp12 installer, but it is not available for download.
    Any suggestions to cure this problem???
    I really woul prefer to use mp12 if at all possible.
    ThanX !!!!!
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