W8 troubles with "safe removal" of memory (and other) devices - "Three Dots Error"

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    Hello every,
    the issue below was reported to MS today, so everybody with same problems just list your complete hw configuration here.

    There is strange issue in Windows 8, where I can't safely-remove some USB and eSATA devices, as system just shows three dots in tray icon instead of device name to remove.

    I have two configurations, on one the problem isn't present on the 2nd it always happens.

    Computer One - Desktop - without problem:

    i7-970-6-core, 12GB RAM, 8x HDD (from 1-to 3 GB each), Truecrypt, Intel x58 chipset, USB3 VIA add-on card, onboard Intel RST SATA, onboard JMicron SATA, add-on Marvell SATAIII(6)2x, 2x Marvel Yukon GNIC, X-Fi, LG Blue-ray on eSATA on JMicron

    W8 Pro WMC legal x64

    Computer Two - Notebook -with problem:

    i7-2630QM-4-core, 16GB RAM, 3xHDD (750GB each), Truecrypt, Intel Mobile HM67 chipset, Renesas USB3, onboard Intel RST SATA, Realtek GNIC, Realtek HDA, onboard Realtek USB Card Reader, Optiarc Blue-ray on eSATA on Intel RST

    W8 Pro WMC legal x64

    The problem is connected with specific Plug-and-play devices:

    Optiarc Blue-ray eSATA (data) (powered from single or double USB or AC)

    Huawei UMTS 3G USB stick (USB composite device: modem, port, enumerator, SD card, virtual CD with setup files)

    When I plug these devices to configuration two, safe removal doesn't work, tray icon just shows three dots instead of HW name to remove.

    In case of Optiarc Blue-Ray connected by eSATA, the Intel RST is set to AHCI and when there is the disk inside, safe removal only eject disk, but when the disk is ejected, the three dots are displayed and safe removal is impossible.

    In case of USB UMTS 3G stick, after device is plugged it just show three dots, then after while it switches from "..." to SD card name (SD card is part of this composite USB device), but when I select SD Card at tray for safe removal, it displays "removed successfully bubble", but then switches to three dots again.

    In Windows 7 Ultimate x64, the problem isn't present. In Windows 8 x64 Pro it appear just after install without installing the single 3rd party app. (of course UMTS 3G stick needs its driver, Blue-Ray uses MS generic driver...)

    I have already searched for some solutions and checked permissions for \HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Enum... but it looks like OK (rights are set same as on former Win7)

    Huawei composite USB device (Listing is from W7 as in W8 this info window was removed to make OS more "Stupid-Friendly"):


    Optiarc (CD in):

    Huawei (Installation mode):

    Huawei (Usage mode):