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    I finally retired XP and installed W8Pro. I like it so far but I have one picky thing I would like to change about it. In Windows Explorer, the mouse cursor changes to the hand/link when I put it over a folder in the LEFT pane (not the RIGHT pane). I went through all the folder options and I just can not find a way to change it to use the arrow cursor.

    Does anyone know an option, reg hack or even a .exe hack to keep it as the arrow cursor?

    Thanks for your help in advance!

    Edit: I opened up explorer.exe in OllyDbg and found 2 calls to LoadCursorW with 32649 as one of the arguments. 32649 is IDC_HAND. So it looks like it is hard coded and no option or reg hack will work. If nobody has any less intrusive options I will just have to edit the .exe. Thanks!

    Edit 2: Darn. Edited both places in explorer.exe to load the arrow cursor but it still uses the hand cursor when hovering over a folder in the left pane. If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it. Thanks!

    Edit 3: Bingo! It was ExplorerFrame.dll that had 2 calls to LoadCursorW with 32649. Changed both to 32512 and no more hand in Windows Explorer. If anyone wants to do the same just search for 68897F0000 and change it to 68007F0000 in a hex editor. You have to take ownership and edit permissions then backup, replace it and reboot.