Want to clean reinstall - Which image/activation method?

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by madmike283, Oct 14, 2012.

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    Hey all, I installed Win7 back in beta and used a BIOS mod on both my laptop and desktop IIRC. I haven't really kept up with this stuff and basically installed and let it be. I haven't performed any updates for fear of getting flagged counterfeit, and most of all, laziness. I have lost any knowledge I had on this stuff back then. So, I want to reload 7 at least on my desktop first and start from scratch. Just a solid cleanup of my system.

    I've been reading the various threads and most of it makes sense. What I want to know is... Since I activated without a loader the first time, is Daz's loader right for me if I want to do a clean install? Or is it simply taking a key and entering it? Also, which image should I use? I'm running Ultimate now, so would acrsn's link to FINAL Media Refresh MSDN Windows 7 Ultimate SP1_U x86/x64 ISO Download-English be my best bet?

    Sorry for the newbie type questions. It's just so much to take in after being away for so long. I've attached a copy of my MGA Diag tool results if that helps paint a picture of my current system. Thanks for any assistance.

    EDIT: I can't figure out a way to post my MGADiag report since I have only 10 posts. It won't even let me simply paste it into this message body.
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    If you do not have a legitimate key that you don't have access to, I would recommend using Windows Loader. Also I would use acrsn's link to download if you do have a copy of Windows 7 w/ Service Pack 1.