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Discussion in 'Virtualization' started by datcat, Nov 18, 2008.

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    Sep 10, 2008
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    After 6 days, > 1.100 views on 2 Polls we have got this new sub-section with and about OS Virtualization!

    I want to thank all viewers for taking part of the information, with the possibility to influence it's outcome. ;)

    However, without any votes, this sub-section wouldn't exist.
    Until today a majority of
    ~57% voted for: ...a new section about using "Virtualization"...
    ~13,5% were against and
    ~65% voted for: ...a new section about using "Linux+Windows"...

    Therefore, a special thank's goes to following members:
    Anonymouz, arden, catimimi, datcat, hobgoblin, hook2000, jamielive, jdoshier, MadMungo, nijel, Penner, RACERPRO, raw_knee, Spazm01, TheOneAndOnly, vk2amv, xpor1, Yen, Yoshiofthewire, zoob, zort :)

    I hope we will soon get used to it and soon enough find issues and visions to share! :)
    I also hope this sub-section will make us more interesting for Guests to become new Members! :cool: