What do you think of Egyptian revolution?

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    Jul 26, 2011
    Hello there
    I was thinking when I was sitting in my home about the 25th January egyptian revolution
    Most of you and me too may think that Egyptian made good job and finally Their old-dirty-nonsense president in on Jail ( The First time in the Human History that is a president is in a Jail )

    But In my obinion I think :
    1. I think Egyptians after the revolution were lazy and didn't make anything they make the revolution for.

    2. I think they were going too far about President Judgment I don't mean he don't deserve this but when they stand in front of the hospital he stayed in and they want to enter and kill him AND HE ALMOST DIE in HIS BED

    I think Egyptian have lost their mind
    They has finally their freedom social justice and their MONEY.
    AND now they want to kill Hosni when he almost died