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Discussion in 'Windows 10' started by lostpassword, Jul 27, 2015.

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    Nov 21, 2009
    When the proper release comes from Microsoft what will happen ?

    I now have 10240 32 bit Pro working fine and activated thanks to all the help I have had here. I stuck with the WZOR release as most people think it OK.

    1) Will it automatically update to the proper version and stay activated ?. Do not want a lot of Junk with 10240 being backed up in loads of folders.


    2) Could I reinstall the proper version (assuming it will be available here) after formatting, and still use the KMS_VL_ALL.cmd to activate, or will it not even need activating again? I am registered with Microsoft for 10 - Not 100% certain of my status, but NOT a developer, only a lesser member.

    In the past I have always formatted and reinstalled, as I do not like the backups of the old version. I have never restored a system in my life. Being retired time is not a big deal, and I am lucky to have several machines. Data is always stored on a different partition or second Hard drive. Vital data is on DVD and a RAR sent to 2 Google accounts. If the extension is renamed from RAR to something else, it is accepted by GMAIL. Just rename back to UNRAR. Always encrypt and use a long RAR password. The Excel files also have own password, but I believe they are easily broken. A long RAR password is supposed to he hard to break.

    Thanks in advance for answer.
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    Aug 10, 2012
    Once we hit July 29, 2015, you can fresh install your PC with the then available version (GA/MSDN) of Windows 10.
    Your activation status will remain intact if you took the Genuine Windows 8.1 --> Windows 10 upgrade path.

    Status of a KMS activation is still under question because M$ could update the KMS logic to a different one with the advent of Windows 10.