What is Console Emulator?

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    What Is Console Emulator?

    A software or application that Trying to emulate real hardware that usually used for playing old games (maybe? Cmiiw)
    Definitions of emulator here is not dosbox but like nds emu and it's derivative

    How emulator work?
    As described above emulation software will try to emulate a real hardware As accurate as possible

    But yes, no matter how accurate an emulation is, it's definitely not the same as the original hardware

    1. Easy to use
    No longer need to buy real hardware (even software or app is paid Still, the price of the emulator application or software is much cheaper than the original hardware)

    2. Intergrated cheat (easy to cheat)
    Well if using real hardware you need manage cheat right before you start or launch the game rom
    Emulator just activate it while playing

    Here is limitations of emulation:
    1. Sometime Less accuracy:
    Especially on fps this happened and idk why but for sure is due to emulation process

    2. Need more resources
    Emulation need more resources different with real hardware they usually doesn't need too much

    3. Unable to handle encrypted rom:
    Almost or maybe all Emulator using custom bios that can't load encrypted rom

    1. Emulator Have graphical glitchest or flickering:
    Disable multi thread 3D and high resolution 3D
    or change graphic on setting from pal to ntsc Or vice versa

    2. Emulator Unable to handle encrypted rom:
    As i mentioned above all emulator usually using Custom bios

    Custom bios is limited to what it can do. Different with official bios, Custom bios is unable to handle encrypted rom.
    The only solution is you need real hardware and original bios from it to get it you need dump it from original hardware and try to instal the official bios on emulator

    Or Decrypt The Rom (If Possible)

    How do i get emulator?

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