What is this all about?

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    Mar 18, 2011
    Hello MDL,
    OK, I have been browsing around the forum for quite sometime and was wondering what is this all about, If any one could explain me all this.
    1. What is SLIC?
    2. What does BIOS Mod means?
    3. Can we run an OEM cd on only one computer?
    4. What is the difference between OEM,VL and Retail activation?
    5. What is OEMBIOS TOOL used for?
    6. What are CRC Values and SLP Strings?
    7. What is the difference between x86[32bit] and x64[64 bit]?

    I know it might be time consuming for you all to answer suck lot of questions but still would appreciate if any one could make me understand these.
    Moreover this could be a learning place for other newbies.

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    Jul 29, 2009
    SLIC is a way of activating software that involves a cryptographed data table storing the software license in the BIOS. Manufacturers use this method to avoid having to turn on and activate windows using the product code on each laptop.
    A BIOS mod is a bios that was modified to add a new SLIC table or replace the current one to enable activating windows without cracks or resident software.
    It depends on what kind of OEM CD it is, if it's a recovery disc yes, if it's an install disc no, you can install it anywhere and use the key written on the bottom of the laptop.
    The three different windows editions require different product codes to work, this is because Microsoft sells licenses trough different channels and at different prices, for example an OEM license can be only sold with new computers and is very cheap (1/3rd of the full retail price), volume activation is a license sold to companies to activate high numbers of computers and retail is the license for windows editions you can buy in stores (those in the rounded yellow/green/black boxes)
    There are two tools with that name, one is to detect which SLIC table for which manufacturer and for which windows version the bios contains, the other is a completely different tool to enable window emulating a SLIC table. The twos are completely unrelated.
    Informations required to find out which current SLIC tables you have.
    64bit can run native 64bit applications faster and supports more than 4gb of ram but wastes more ram, more hard drive space, has slightly higher loading times, takes some small performance hits when running 32bit applications and is less backward-compatible (i.e. no 16bit applications, some older 32bit applications cause troubles). If you have 3GB or less of ram always prefer 32bit version.

    Please next time use google or search on the forum before asking questions that have been answered here and on all the rest of the web several dozens of times.
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    Mar 18, 2011
    Thanks a lot for explaining! :)