What Problems If You Install Win 7

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    Jan 19, 2009
    Once You Install Win7 What Problems Happen If You Forget To Uncheck The Activate Online
    Then You Use A Loader Or Bios Modd Or Other Methods
    Can This Then Be Trace By Microsoft & Disable Your Activation

    Sorry If This As Been Ask Before But My Friend As Made That Very Mistake After Installing Windows 7

    Would He Be Best To Re-Format And Install Again Then Activate Using Loader Or Bios Modd
    Or Will He Be Ok
    Thanks In Advance
  2. Rosco

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    Oct 29, 2007
    7 is not much different to Vista - install as trial without entering key - untick the automatically activate while online box and use a loader when installed.

    Microsoft do not disable your activation but they do mark systems as non genuine and annoy you.

    A good loader such as Daz's passes the WAT test so far.

    Try the loader before re-installing - as far as I know it will simply want you to enter the key when it tries to activate so ignore this and run the loader.
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  3. Phazor

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    Sep 1, 2009
    He means what happens if you forget to uncheck the activate online option and then use an 'offline method' such as a loader or BIOS Mod.

    The answer is nothing should happen.

    Because as soon as you enter a OEM:SLP key (which is required by both loaders and BIOS Mods) the activation subsystem switches from Retail to SLP and thus no further attemps to activate online are being made.

    Therefore as long as you dont install 'KB PleaseKillMyActivation' afterwards (forget the number right now) everything should be alright.

    The only scenario i can think of in which it MIGHT lead to a problem is this:

    • Activate online option ticked

    • SLP Key not yet installed

    • User establishes internet connection

    • No firewall installed that intercepts the communication with Microsoft

    In that case Microsoft MIGHT be able to tag the installation as 'Definitely Non-SLP' and in so doing have sppsvc deny all subsequent attempts to activate the installation via any offline method.

    But to be honest; i dont think that this will be the case. Too many things that could go wrong by accident, and Microsoft sure have enough problems with that stuff as it is. They might however be able to 'trace' it that way since the initial contact has sent the installation ID along with the activation state to their servers. Thus if the same installation ID suddenly showed up as activated via OEM:SLP then they might figure that something is not quite right. But to be honest again; i dont think they even care, much less waste their time with this. After all they make Billions as it is, so im sure going after some chap who turned his installation into SLP is not very high on their priorities list. If anything, what they want is the lowlifes who try to take money away from them by selling counterfeit copies and/or PCs with counterfeit copies preinstalled. And that is actually commendable because this is not only hurting them but the (defrauded) customers as well...
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