What should I use for Multi-OS backups?

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    Feb 18, 2018
    Hey so I'm working on a dual-boot windows + linux workstation, and I need to make clones of the whole disk (including ALL OS's). It needs to be separate from both OS's, so a Windows or Linux application won't work. I also don't have a backup server so I guess that leaves me looking for a dedicated backup OS.

    Ideally, it should be something I can triple-boot along with Windows and Linux, and if I ever need it I can just select it from GRUB and click a restore button. My main concern is Windows system corruption so I'm not worried about drive failure.

    I've never used clonezilla before, but it looks almost perfect - it handles both linux and Windows easily and it offers a local install option.

    So, I'm planning on setting up clonezilla as a third boot option on its own partition, and then manually boot into clonezilla and save a backup to that partition whenever I want.

    However, I do wish it had more built-in recovery applications, like systemrescuecd does.

    I could use some guidance here... Is clonezilla a good choice for this? Does its local installation option work that way, or will I need to save the backup to a separate device or partition? How do you recommend I set this up?

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    It depends on your setup.

    If you use different Partitions for that two OS'es, you could just use to safe each Partition as an Image to an external (USB-) Harddrive, which would just require the space actually used in each Partition. Personally, I would use HD-Clone for that job, it's easy to use and very fast.

    To give you a better advice, you'll need to post your actual setup in details.
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