what to put in OA 2.x SLIC Creator

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    can some one please let me know what character string needs to be put in the OEMCreatorID: section of the OA 2.x SLIC Creator on this link http://d-fault.nl/sliccreator/
    please look at the attached OA 2.x SLIC Creator.JPG

    for example does it have to be all numbers or letters,capital letters or lower case letters?
    how many letters or numbers or a mix of both?
    any insight would i would be grateful as this is the last stumbling block i have so far.

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    A little late but here is the answer :)

    You can insert a ASCII character string with a maximum length of 4 characters, these are automatically converted to UPPERCASE
    My advice, use the SLIC DUMP ToolKit by DavidXXW to determine what the other ACPI tables in your BIOS use here and insert it in the SLIC Creator tool accordingly.