When will microsoft release windows 7+sp1 retail or oem to purchase

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    Jan 19, 2009
    i all
    my tittle is the question but some more info would be helpful

    i know this maybe to early to ask this
    but as microsoft expect to release for download to MS technet site feb. 16,
    then via windows updates on or around 22nd feb
    once this is confirm & actually happens & microsoft confirm to partners(oems) because some companys provide a system recovery disc like (dell,toshiba)
    i once had a toshiba laptop that came with windows vista that had a system recovery disc that recovered system the disc did have windows vista on it
    my unlce brought a dell laptop that came with a set of disc 1 operating system recovery disc that contain windows vista +SP1 & 1 more disc for pre-install progs & 1 drivers disc

    i know some companys require the customer to make their own set of recovery discs that also includes the version of windows
    but once companys like dell,acer, toshiba,hp,& so on
    will we then see a new windows 7 +SP1 Dvd To buy in shops or online & will the companys that offer windows recovery disc supply the latest one that includes SP1

    i know we can buy retail & oem version of windows 7 now minus SP1
    how long before we can purchase one that includes SP1

    Thanks all

    your opinions on this would be helpful
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    May 21, 2007
    Normally companies like dell e.c.t will only supply recovery disks for the version of windows that was installed when you bought your computer. SP1 will for example only be installed on newer models and motherboards hardware and drivers change so recovery disks would be different.
  3. frwil

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    Sep 22, 2008
    Usually it takes about 3 months for a new RTM build to come to shops, but since this time there was such a long delay between compilation and announcement of final SP1, it's hard to guess, will it take one month or three from now.
  4. bretthodges

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    Mar 4, 2010
    It should be around this month. Probably after Feb 22nd